Sunday, 30 July 2017

Immediate Logistic Movers – Pro Same Day Delivery Script by Eagle Technosys

Easy2Move' is an unparalleled door-to-door delivery solution offered by Pro Same Day Delivery Script. This service is customized for large companies and individuals having smaller loads to be shipped anywhere in the world. These could be small business shipments, samples, promotional items or even personal goods and gifts for family and friends. The service is ideal for movement of products not having industrial packing. This service offers door to door delivery and pick up of goods in all sizes from and to any corner of the world. This specialized door to door service covers every square inch of the world including major countries like USA, UK, Nigeria, United Arab etc.
·         Uniform price per box for any regular destination.
·         Limited liability without value surcharge.
·         Customers` small packages can be put in its 'Easy to Move' boxes.
·         Ideal for a product not having industrial packing, loose material
·         Commercial booking allowed (if supported by proper documentation)
·         Optional / Value added services like To-pay, Draft on Delivery, Same Day Delivery Script allowed and chargeable extra
·         For individuals, standard printed declaration made available
When you choose Easy2Move service for your shipping needs, you are guaranteed the following:
·         A highly competitive price
·         Web technology to keep you updated on every transaction
·         Well-trained professional staff
·         The most rigorous controls on security
·         The highest level of service standards
·         Fast transit times
Exhibition Returns
A unique service offered by Pro Same Day Delivery Script, especially to cater to the needs of those participating in exhibitions and expos. This service allows company delegates to make smooth and timely exits from the exhibition centers, by ensuring hassle-free returns of their products and demo pieces, after the exhibition is over. ‘Exhibition Returns’ provides pick-ups at desired times, i.e., when the event is over and provides door delivery to any place in the world. A team of dedicated and experienced exhibition handling staff coordinates with the customer for all returns.
·         Pick-up from exhibition venue
·         Convenient pick-up timing
·         Cost-effective price offer
·         Option of 'To-pay' freight
·         Door delivery anywhere in India
·         Handling over 100 events/ year
Retail Returns
A unique service offered to retailers and shopkeepers for enabling the management of their unsold, end-of-season, damaged and expired stocks and sending these back to the manufacturers. In such cases, the goods travel upstream from retailers to manufacturers/ warehouse etc.
·         Return shipments from retail stores in malls, shopping complexes, retail streets, etc.
·         Free packing support by providing new Pro Same Day Delivery Script branded packing cartons
·         Paid booking only i.e., freight paid by consignor
·         Provide retailer reliable services to ensure on time and accurate returns to the company
·         Pick-ups are managed through our small containerized vehicles

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  1. Elated to know about these key features of delivery companies. Was not able to attend my aunt's marriage anniversary but sent bouquet of roses and card through same day delivery Dallas last month. She was happy with the pretty packing and thanked a lot for such a kind gesture. But in real this appreciation goes to the fast supplier.