Sunday, 30 July 2017

Immediate Logistic Movers – Pro Same Day Delivery Script by Eagle Technosys

Easy2Move' is an unparalleled door-to-door delivery solution offered by Pro Same Day Delivery Script. This service is customized for large companies and individuals having smaller loads to be shipped anywhere in the world. These could be small business shipments, samples, promotional items or even personal goods and gifts for family and friends. The service is ideal for movement of products not having industrial packing. This service offers door to door delivery and pick up of goods in all sizes from and to any corner of the world. This specialized door to door service covers every square inch of the world including major countries like USA, UK, Nigeria, United Arab etc.
·         Uniform price per box for any regular destination.
·         Limited liability without value surcharge.
·         Customers` small packages can be put in its 'Easy to Move' boxes.
·         Ideal for a product not having industrial packing, loose material
·         Commercial booking allowed (if supported by proper documentation)
·         Optional / Value added services like To-pay, Draft on Delivery, Same Day Delivery Script allowed and chargeable extra
·         For individuals, standard printed declaration made available
When you choose Easy2Move service for your shipping needs, you are guaranteed the following:
·         A highly competitive price
·         Web technology to keep you updated on every transaction
·         Well-trained professional staff
·         The most rigorous controls on security
·         The highest level of service standards
·         Fast transit times
Exhibition Returns
A unique service offered by Pro Same Day Delivery Script, especially to cater to the needs of those participating in exhibitions and expos. This service allows company delegates to make smooth and timely exits from the exhibition centers, by ensuring hassle-free returns of their products and demo pieces, after the exhibition is over. ‘Exhibition Returns’ provides pick-ups at desired times, i.e., when the event is over and provides door delivery to any place in the world. A team of dedicated and experienced exhibition handling staff coordinates with the customer for all returns.
·         Pick-up from exhibition venue
·         Convenient pick-up timing
·         Cost-effective price offer
·         Option of 'To-pay' freight
·         Door delivery anywhere in India
·         Handling over 100 events/ year
Retail Returns
A unique service offered to retailers and shopkeepers for enabling the management of their unsold, end-of-season, damaged and expired stocks and sending these back to the manufacturers. In such cases, the goods travel upstream from retailers to manufacturers/ warehouse etc.
·         Return shipments from retail stores in malls, shopping complexes, retail streets, etc.
·         Free packing support by providing new Pro Same Day Delivery Script branded packing cartons
·         Paid booking only i.e., freight paid by consignor
·         Provide retailer reliable services to ensure on time and accurate returns to the company
·         Pick-ups are managed through our small containerized vehicles

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Ultimate Parcel Delivery Booking Script by Eagle Technosys

Parcel Delivery Booking Script is a one-stop online parcel delivery portal where individuals and companies can get quotes and make online bookings with the major parcel companies in India and all over the world. The customers of e-Cargo enjoy superior customer services and great rates from highly reputed logistics companies.

As a third party logistics provider, Parcel Delivery Booking Script offers numerous advantages in less than truckload (LTL) parcel booking.
  • ·         It enables you to compare prices and services among various logistics companies and cargo services in India.  
  • ·         Its intermediary package delivery services give you competitive rates so that you can select the best service for your parcel. 
  • ·         Online shipping solution and door to door services combined with intermediary software helps to manage fulfillment more effectively. 
  • ·         It offers customize / express services to suit your dedicated needs. 
  • ·         With Parcel Delivery Booking Script, you can choose a parcel delivery service which offers deliveries by specific times making your parcel reach the destination right at given time. 
  • ·         For valuable parcels, various insurance options are available depending on the parcel service you select. 
  • ·         If you need regular collection of your parcels, our door-to-door services will collect the parcels at regular intervals times. At Parcel Delivery Booking Script, you will get better deals and discounts which helps in saving lot of time and money. 
  • ·         It extended parcel services in India are capable enough to cope up with your schedule even on very busy days and with higher level of demands.

Parcel Delivery Booking Script, offers a highly convenient and customer friendly parcel transport and booking system which has made it the most preferred platform in logistic industry. Its concept of bringing the best service providers and the customers together at one point is cost and time saving while providing the best service experience. The customers can easily put forward their requirement to get simultaneous quotations from different logistic companies and do quick parcel rate comparison for a final decision. This reduces the time spent in contacting each single vendor separately and brings forward the most feasible option at once. Sending parcels was never this easy before.

Less than truckload cargo which offers a quick and cost effective means of parcel transport to individuals and businesses is made possible at Parcel Delivery Booking Script with a number of reliable vendors operating and providing the same services. The advantage here is the availability of online parcel booking at most reasonable rates without any hassle and wastage of time.

Some of the key highlights with e-Cargo are mentioned below:
  • ·         All the established and new service providers are listed together for your easy reference.
  • ·         Highly competitive rates for easy parcel rate comparison and selection.
  • ·         Customized and express services are available to match your specific needs.
  • ·         Insurance options available for valuable parcels which also depend on your choice of service.
  • ·         Online parcel booking and payment making the process straight and less complicated.
  • ·         Door-to-door services available for regular clients.
  • ·         On time delivery of parcels even on busy days and strict adherence to schedules.
  • ·         Huge network spread across the country to serve you anywhere needed.
  • It also offers occasional deals and discounts on its services which you can check out on its website. At every stage, it welcomes its clients’ feedback and suggestion to improve its system. Avail its services and let it serve you the best it can.

Are you shifting within India?

It will make your relocation smooth and hassle-free.

Parcel Delivery Booking Script, backed up with reputed local, domestic packers and movers provide you the easiest way to hire the best home relocation services at highly competitive rates.

You may need to change residence due to a change in your job or schooling of your children. It may require a local shift, interstate relocation, No matter how minute and tedious seems the relocation process. It assures the best of home relocation services with multiple service options in your hand.   


Monday, 24 July 2017

Let Start Your Logistic Business with Container Tracking Script by Eagle Technosys

The Courier Tracking Software Script (CTSS) is powered by Eagle Technosys. It is a web-based application that enables users to view and perform transactions anywhere anytime. This solution was implemented about several years ago in India and was adopted by all container depots across the country and even global, and it is supported by about 57 shipping lines. The booking system is one of the main features of the solution. The system enhances the communication between depot operators and transport operators via a common online portal. The system provides a visibility window allowing transport operators to plan their trips to collect or return containers. Depot operators can also better manage their operations since advance bookings are made. As a result, the queues and waiting time at depots will be drastically reduced.A Terminal will be installed on each Container Forklift, to enable the Forklift operator to receive their job information and update accordingly upon completion. Container surveyors will also be issued with handheld survey devices which enable them to capture photographs to be uploaded instantly into the system for further actions by relevant stakeholders in order to prevent disputes at the gate to avoid jams. Eagle Technosys has begun its promised digitization revolution, launching an online Container Tracking Script on the world’s largest e-commerce platform – Container Tracking Software Script. Aimed at small and medium worldwide exporters, and offering a way to effectively bypass the services of the thousands of freight forwarders whose business depend one brokering freight space on box ships leaving globe on behalf of manufacturers, the service launched on Container Tracking Software Script OneTouch booking portal.

OneTouch offers import and export services such as customs clearance and logistics services, and also books air freight and express services on behalf of customers. However, the launch of the Container Tracking Script represents a first in container tracking, as it will effectively enable small shippers to agree their own spot freight rates with the world’s largest shipping line.

To take a step further in this journey Eagle Technosys launched a pilot programme on Container Tracking Script:

“The initial launch features a web-exclusive product that allows existing Container Tracking Script (registered) users to lock in the price of required cargo spaces on selected routes by pre-paying a deposit. This service is offered in all regions of the world.”

“It will also assess other potential third-party portals and target customers as it gain more customer insight during the process.”

“Eagle Technosys explained that the shippers’ experience of doing business with Container Tracking Script would be fundamentally transformed by its digitization efforts.”

Thursday, 20 July 2017

B2B Inbound Marketing Tricks to Higher Your Business by Aliexpress Clone Script

A lot has changed in the realm of B2B marketing strategies over the past year. New technologies have entered the market. Executives have new demands on marketers. How can you not only keep up, but pass these hurdles with flying colors? Aliexpress Clone Script has provided people the key data that reveals what challenges are top of mind for marketers in 2017. These are some simple tricks to follow and enhance your business:-

1. Create Long-Form Content
Long-form content gives your readers the in-depth information that they need. It causes someone to take a second or even third look. When it comes time to buy, the prospect is more likely to remember you and your helpful content.

2. Pump Up Your "Thank You" Page
A Thank You Page helps you to show your gratitude and eagerness to please, but also can motivate further purchases. Don't create dead ends. A plain-old, boring white page with a single line of “Thank you for buying our product” goes nowhere.
Instead lead someone further down the buying path. This may include:
  • Related articles
  • A "now what" section that shows some easy-to-take next steps
  • Attractive graphics and captivating colors
  • An FAQ section or articles tailored to their needs at this stage
  • Promotions for additional products
3. Optimize Your Already Popular Content
Identify which posts have given you the most traffic over the years, and optimize them. Give them a new look, newly focused messaging, and new CTAs. Then let them loose to bring you a higher conversion rate with fresh prospects.

4. Transform Your FAQs Into Engaging Posts
Write an informative and in-depth post on all facets of each question. It will gratify your readers that their questions are addressed so thoroughly, and they may click through to learn more about your business.

5. Recycle Content Into Other Media
Not everyone has the time and interest to sit down and read a blog post. You will grow your audience  by creating different forms of media that appeal to a more varied group of people. The majority of people today prefer visual content. Video is especially dominating the internet right now. It's never been easier to create stunning video content. Video creation tools make it incredibly simple to make and share videos that will boost your B2B marketing.

6. Collaborate With Influencers
B2B influencer marketing is a hot topic right now. Who is an expert in your industry? Seek them out on social media and at industry events. Use your mutual industry interest to create a relationship. As that relationship grows, collaboration can take place.

7. Curate Viral Content
Tired of the constant content crunching? You should take a little break, and no one has to know. How? Curate! Curated content can be a powerful boost to your inbound marketing without the exhaustive effort.

8. Improve Page Load Times and Speeds
People don't give page load times a second thought. This may cause your readers to give up and go to another page that loads faster. This doesn't only affect how potential customers view your company. Slow page load times also influence your ranking in search engines. Faster load times higher your page views and it will prove a major score for your business.

9. Pamper Your Leads Before You Pitch a Product
It takes a lot of time and effort to get a lead. Don't waste it by acting too fast. Follow what some marketing experts refer to as the rule of seven. Have at least seven helpful interactions with a lead before you attempt to sell a product or service. Make these interactions meaningful and all about the lead -- allay their concerns, answer their questions, and provide helpful advice. Prepare in advance several helpful interactions that will leave positive memories associated with your business. When you finally introduce your product, they'll be more receptive.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Truth Facts about Aliexpress Clone Script Multi-vendor Marketplace

Whenever people think about online shopping they search a number of websites and not satisfied till the moment they buy a trustworthy product from there. It is not always sure that you will get the products with 100% qualities you see from the website. It really disappoints people when they ask for something great but get something else from their desires. But Aliexpress Clone Script is one of the best PHP scripts. Alibaba Clone Script has a really good comparison with Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart, Dealkart etc. It does business with B2B and B2C marketplace. Individuals and Organizations all visit here from all over the world. It has complete features required to start a B2B and B2C multivendor marketplace. Here buyers and sellers across the worldwide trade. All the services for B2B platform advanced services on cheap prices and support beginners to start their own business. EDI software is used here for the better communication between buyers and sellers to contact each other and share data. It can be used to launch your own B2B and B2C marketplace in international marketplace.
You can check live demo on @

How it can be used to sell and buy by traders and Admin to manage the whole functioning?
 It is manufactured by keeping the requirements of commercial/ individual/ and traders’ in mind. All kind of features according to category are available here. Anyone can visit here and sell and buy products by going through his category. It is very customizable. Admin can make any kind of modifications to it as and when required. It is updated time to time according to the user demand in market. That’s why people named it Real time marketplace. A team of professionals and experienced programmers developed it. There is no need of programming knowledge to use and manage it. Customers may belong from programming or non-programming background. It doesn’t matter whether they have a little knowledge of programming or not.

Benefits to join membership with Aliexpress Clone script
  • ·         It is very beneficial to join a membership package with Aliexpress Clone Script as it manages both B2B and B2C marketplace. You can visit anytime and sell or buy products here.
  • ·         No need of programming knowledge to use it.
  • ·         In case you need to change your product you can do it easily.
  • ·         It provides discount coupons to its regular customers.
  • ·         It is available for all the 24 hours.
  • ·         It has links on social sites. So easily accessible from any region of the world.
  • ·         Trade alerts for traders.
  • ·         SMS and email notifications.

Benefits to Start Your Own Business with Aliexpress clone Script
  • ·         You can start your own business with it on very relevant prices.
  • ·         It provides you free downloading and installation.
  • ·         Here are many different ways to online earning.
  • ·         It teaches business skills to beginners how to start their own business.
  • ·         If you choose Aliexpress clone Script to start your own business you will get free domain and free website trafficking.
  • ·         You will also get a membership with Eagle Technosys.
  • ·         When you buy Aliexpress Clone Script it will be live within 24 hours and you can start your own business with it.  
  • ·         You can any kind of modifications to it. More you host it on Google AdSense, more will be trafficking on your website.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Latest Real Time Market-place Alibaba Clone Script by Eagle Technosys

Alibaba Clone Script comes in front with its all advanced and new features. It is released by Eagle Technosys. It sell and purchase all kind of products like house holding, Child care, commercial, women’s and men interests, pet products, Ayurveda and medical products etc. It holds B2B and B2C business. People can buy and sell products here in bulk and individual pieces also. One can also purchase this website. It is an international website. So it is very beneficial to start your business with Alibaba Clone Script. It is the best platform for commercial people and as well as beginners to start their business with it. You will purchase this website and its customers will also come to you for all kinds of sales and purchases. So you will get web trafficking free with this site. Eagle Technosys also teaches Business skills to its universal customers. It will enhance your profits. Whole its staff is very experienced and well qualified. They are always here to guide its customers. You can ask any kind of queries from the admin. It will make you satisfied surely. You can also read the feedback from others on the website to make your satisfaction. And give your feedback after you use its services. You can share your experience here. Anytime you visit here real time products you will find here. This is the main specialty of this website it takes care of its customers’ choice always. You can also ask for your requirement if you don’t find it here.

User Side Welfares:
  • ·         It supports web hosting feature. People can add any number of products in this site from any other site.
  • ·         It supports multiple languages. You don’t have worry about from which country you belong.
  • ·         It supports technique of Currency converter.
  • ·         It has multiple payment gateways.
  • ·         Cash on Delivery is also available here.
  • ·         It is fully secured from hackers.
  • ·         It has Better EDI to share views and data with customers and users.
  • ·         User can search his specific products by just adding its keywords and pressing search button.
  • ·         People can find it on social media very easily.
  • ·         It provides Special discount coupons to its regular and commercial users.
  • ·         It provides a discussion board to its customers. They can discuss their views and experience here.
  • ·         It reaches its buyers and sellers in a timely manner to make announcements.
  • ·         Site visitors can effortlessly filter categories and refine their products search.

Admin Side Welfares:
  • ·         It is fully secured from hackers.
  • ·         It has proper SMTP configuration to manage notifications.
  • ·         You can also buy this website. Buyer will be the admin of the website by default. He can also make any kind of modifications in it.
  • ·         Advanced features and facilities for admin to manage website.
  • ·         Multiple ways of earning are available here.
  • ·         Admin will charge from every sale on this website.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Fundamentals of Real Estate Classified Script by Eagle’s Team

Everyday millions of people move towards Real Estate Services. Some of them need Readymade Commercial buildings, plots for commercial construction. Some people requires Residential properties, Some require plots, Some of them require rooms or houses for rent, Some for PG and Others look for other kind of real estate solutions. People are moving here and there to fulfill their requirements to Real Estate Classified Script. So we can say that Millions and Million thousand people are looking for real estate solutions every day. So it is very beneficial to start an online real estate business on international level. If you are scared about starting an international business as it is very big range of business, you can also limit it to some specific regions. But the better solution is to learn the higher skills to start an online business. If you want to start an online international business you can concern to Eagle Technosys about it. Eagle Technosys is always here to develop software for you. It has developed a Real Estate Classified Script for its valuable customers from World Wide Web. It is a readymade template to start your own business today on a higher level.  It is developed with advanced features. Both admin and user panel has advanced kind of facilities. They can enjoy these services on very relevant prices. It is not complex to use but actually some advanced according to real time marketplace. Real Estate Classified Script is a complete package to all kind of real estate solutions. Here you can sell, purchase, and advertise your properties of all kinds. Rental properties and PG rooms are also categorized. People can add, search their requirements and posts according to category. It will remove the complexity of user and admin. The database backup is very large. Tons of data can be stored here.

Here is “why you should prefer Eagle’s Real Estate Classified first than other websites?”
 People should prefer Real Estate first than others because it is a robust features framework where you can sell/ purchase/ host your property. You can also ask for your requirements. Eagle Technosys released it which has top rank in Google AdSense. You can join a membership with Eagle Technosys to enhance your website trafficking. It will help you to enhance your business profits. It will teach you how to get top rank in international market and how to keep maintain it.  

Here are the welfares to choose Eagle’s Real Estate Classified Script
  • ·         Free downloading and installation.
  • ·         Teach business tricks.
  • ·         Real time software.
  • ·         Mobile compatible.
  • ·         Complete software.
  • ·         Easy to use and manage.
  • ·         Advance functioning and facilities for both user and admin.
  • ·         Global website.
  • ·         Better EDI.
  • ·         Attractive collection of colors and graphics.
  • ·         Free live demos.
  • ·         Free domain.
  • ·         Large Database storage.
  • ·         Light to install.
  • ·         User friendly.
  • ·         Comparable and money saver.
  • ·         Better e-payment planning.
  • ·         No complexity. Only a quiet little programming knowledge is required to handle it.